Message From The Principal



Dear Parents,

I very much value the opportunity to be working at EtonHouse International Pre-School Franchise • An Phu. It is a nurturing as well as stimulating educational environment where you can be sure that your child will be safe and that he or she can progress in an atmosphere most suited to helping your child reach his or her maximum potential. I hope the site, as well as our Facebook page, can help you understand some of the philosophy and teaching methods of our school which have been successfully implemented. I also hope that you can spend some time in school to come and see me and share our thoughts and ideas. 

At EtonHouse • An Phu, we pride ourselves on our “Open Door policy” where we encourage parents to visit our school and directly experience our specialist way of teaching and the stimulating learning for children. We believe that just explaining about what we can offer is not enough. It is when the parents can see that the children are highly motivated, happy and making great progress that the parents’ observations are the most authentic evidence of all.

As an international school, we welcome students from all different cultures and nationalities and uphold equality and diversity with total dedication. We value and respect all cultures and celebrate the major festivals of each of our students and staff and always ensure equal opportunities, and inclusion for all. All staff in the school are well qualified and experienced and in addition, we have dedicated 1 to 1 support teachers who are in place to help students who need support in their studies as well as personal issues. 

EtonHouse • An Phu focuses on the health and safety of the children, their development and progress and the children’s joy and happiness.We strongly believe that our students will become global leaders or first class citizens with a keen sense of caring and humane understanding. For the future of the children, we warmly welcome parents and children to experience the authentic international education at EtonHouse International Pre-School Franchise • An Phu.

Best regards,

Leean Woodland

EtonHouse International Pre-School Franchise • An Phu